Make Time for “Pop-ups”

When you’re so tightly scheduled that you have no time to either take or make an unexpected call, you’re in trouble. Your schedule is controlling you, to your detriment.

Most people act on their schedule not yours. Opportunities pop up when the time is right, not when you have a half hour.

I recently got an alert about my name. It turned out that someone in a big new job said she appreciated my guidance. I texted her right away. Have not received even a brief “Thanks, I’ll call you soon.”

When you leave 15-30 minutes between each commitment, you will make or take those calls. You’ll answer emails or texts. You’ll have time to think.

Success comes when you concentrate on what is important, not what is urgent or irritating.

Make time–even better, seek time– for pop-ups. The next one may hold a powerful new key you can use.

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