Little Things Create Big Meaning

little things are big

I’d been thinking that I should send some thank you notes–handwritten, on paper, and mailed with a stamp–to some clients. I put pushed this thought to the back of my mind for few weeks, because it’s just a little thing, right?

Once I sat down, wrote and mailed them, I felt an noticeable lift in my spirits. It feels good to do little things that are simply nice, thoughtful or kind. We need to do them more often!

I’ve written about the 4 kinds of messages that comprise a powerful Cultivate and Nurture Plan. These are:

  • Appreciation
  • Why Stay?
  • Top of Mind
  • Create Demand

Thank you notes, mailing an article you’ve cut out of a print publication, humorous cards or relevant books are terrific ways to be top of mind. What are you going to do this week to bring some fun, joy or pleasure to a client or customer?

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