How To Turn Lemons into Lemonade

You’ll certainly get no argument from me about the relief we are all feeling as 2020 comes to a close. It’s been a difficult year in many ways.

I’m inspired by the many companies that sat back in mid-March, asked themselves “What do we do now?” and figured out the way forward. Some early efforts didn’t work or were very short term. But they kept working and are closing out this year with a notable success.

Trivers Consulting Group clients are the heroes of their success stories. Each one of these and many others were shocked by the suddenness of the pandemic orders to shut down. They faced serious obstacles to keeping their companies going. We talked with them as they considered their options and we worked with them to plan the way forward. Many said that they benefited the most from our outsider point of view, and that we’re boldly innovative. We are free to focus on doing what needed to be done, unencumbered by culture, anxiety and “the way we do things.”

Thanks to these companies for their efforts to make lemonade out of bushels full of 2020 lemons. I hope you’re inspired by these outstanding results. (Client names are never shared.)

CPA firm: This multi-practice-area firm decided to narrow its focus to those industries where they could provide deep advisory services to their business clientele. The effects of the pandemic created a lot of challenges for businesses and these CPAs stepped up, ready to resolve those issues. The ‘less is more’ approach has doubled their revenue.

Organization development consultancy: This firm of experts spent a week examining their services and products in light of the challenges posed by the pandemic. They went narrow and deep on the Big Three issues. They spoke to every single one of their 125+ clients, offering short-term counsel and advice to create stability in the first two months. Then they invited those companies to plan for the longer term and offered their services to implement those plans. The two-pronged approach generated 50% more revenue than they would have received in normal times.

Mediation services: This provider immediately set up the tools for online video mediation. The demand for conflict resolution has grown as the pandemic wears on and they have maintained a full schedule.

Business law firm: Many legal questions arose from the disruptions to business as usual. In many cases there were issues related to employment, to partnerships, and to existing contracts that were impacted by the pandemic. Five of this firms practice area specialists formed one COVID-19 practice area. This way all issues stemming from the pandemic would be addressed by this group They increased communication, efficiency, and speed to outcomes for themselves and their clients.

As we anticipate both ongoing challenges and the gradual opening of new opportunities in 2021, we will continue to provide the crucial ‘outsider’ viewpoint informed by our 21 years of experience helping services companies increase growth and earnings. Thank you, and best wishes for a very Happy New Year.

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