How to Pivot to Survive in the Coronavirus Reality

pivot to survive

This Catalyst for Growth newsletter is a bit of a departure from our norm of thought-provoking and insightful ideas. We want to show you clearly how we can help your company. Thank you for giving this your attention for a couple of minutes.

We are talking frequently with private business owners and hearing the same questions again and again: “What can we do differently?” “How can we better serve our clients and customers when nothing is ‘normal’ anymore?”

Just as our responses to reducing the spread of the coronavirus have evolved over the past few weeks—remember touching elbows instead of shaking hands?—our businesses need to think “evolve” rather than looking for one answer that fits all.

We’re advising private business owners to look for evolving approaches in three specific areas: your current clients and customers (buyers); your services and products (offerings); and your employees. You’ll get many more powerful solutions when you focus on one of these variables at a time, while holding the other two steady.

Current buyers

What do your current buyers (anyone who has spent money with your company is the past 12-18 months) typically buy? To pivot, ask that question differently: What need or want do we fulfill for these buyers? By focusing on the need or want, you open your thinking to other ways to fulfill that need or want. Or you identify a related or tangential need or want that has been prompted by the situation today.

The extreme value of this way of thinking is that you have intense, singular focus on your current buyers: people who know your company already. When people are overloaded with stress they’re inclined to look to providers they already know. This is to your great advantage today. Be the provider they know and trust and then some.

If ever there was a time to put all your resources into your current buyers, this is the time. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Show empathy and hopefulness.

Don’t market to the fear. Market to the future.


This is the time to invent or reinvent your offerings. Start by creating clear value: if our buyers purchase X they’ll get Y value. Value is an outcome that they need. Value can be quantitative or qualitative or both.

By adopting the approach to market to the future, you will create value that will provide benefits for months to come. Yes, people want to relieve their pain, but if you only sell pain relief, once the pain is gone, they won’t need you anymore.

When you design your offerings for the future, you are including pain relief but not stopping at pain relief. Be known as the provider who supports their buyers for the long term.


Your employees may be working remotely but they still offer tremendous value to your buyers. Include your employees in the conversations about buyers and offerings. What do they know about buyers’ needs and wants? About their purchase history? About their future needs and wants? Which employees should talk to which buyers?

We have seen some private businesses bring all employees into brainstorming sessions (remotely) and evolve the solutions offered by virtue of their relationships with buyers. This is especially true of your front line staff: the people who answer phone and emails and provide customer service.

If you want to keep your company going, invest as well as possible in your employees. They are not ‘costs” to be reduced, they are assets to be invested in.

How We Help Your Company

We know that the above recommendations are broad and you’ll be wondering how can you make them work for your company.

Trivers Consulting Group has supported more than 500 companies across a wide array of industries and sizes. We have deep expertise applying our line of questioning, analysis and processes to services companies.

Types of services companies:

Professional services based on intellectual capital, including law, accounting, niche or specialty consulting and advising, design of all kinds, executive and business coaches, architects, writers, fractional C-suite services.

Services paired with products. Services such as landscaping (commercial, residential), remodeling, stylists, event planning, and banking or lending, all have an component of intellectual services that enables the delivery of the products.


One size does not fit all and every client deserves knowing exactly what their financial investment is. We offer three options that combine the pertinent factors of TCG/Client responsibilities, period of performance, and company size.

Light Touch: Client/TCG 80%/20%; 1-30 days.
Medium Touch: Client/TCG 65%/35%; 31-60 days
Deep Dive: Client/TCG 50%/50%; 61-90 days.

These options are available to companies of any size. The fee will be aligned with company revenue. Don’t guess, give us a call.

The Time is NOW

“Things” won’t get back to normal any time soon, if ever. Your company can create the future, rather than being stuck in the hamster wheel of uncertainty.

We’ve been envisioning the future for years, based on our deep belief in leveraging the assets companies currently have. It’s been our practice to help companies Think INSIDE the Box.

Take a look at these short Think INSIDE the Box videos and then ask us to work with you NOW.Your company is sitting on a gold mine. We’ll help you bring the gold to the surface.

Email or call 703-801-0345. We are at your service if you need us only for today and tomorrow or for the long term.

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