How to Grow a Company Successfully? Help More People!

help more people
We’ve been focusing on growing a company successfully. After I wrote the Trivers Consulting Group goals and big picture plan for 2020 I felt something was missing. I asked 20 other business owners about their written goals and plans for the year and only one or two wrote this at the top of their list:


That’s it, what was missing for me and for the others. Once we heard it or read it, we smacked our heads. Of course!

All the numbers and IP and processes and systems aren’t worth much if you aren’t helping more people. I’ve come to realize that while big revenue and profit numbers imply that more people are being helped, it makes a difference to be explicit about this. Take the time to answer these questions:

  • Who is being helped?
  • Why do they want or need your help?
  • How will your help change their lives?

We’re of the belief that growing a company successfully requires 15-40% revenue and profit growth. How do you reach those milestones? By helping more people. Or you could provide more help to the same number of people.

The important point is to be explicit that your company is in the business of helping people.

This makes you think about:

  • The words you say
  • The means by which you communicate
  • Your attitude about customer service
  • How you hire, train and care for employees
  • How you articulate value
  • How you charge
  • How you think about the future

How will your company help more people this year? Feel free to post your commitments to helping more people in the comments.

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