How Do You Ask for Help?

Where would we be without help? No matter our ages and experiences, there are times when we need help. There is no reason to feel ashamed about asking for help. Would you rather be stuck or worse, than ask for help? I hope not.

I’m pondering the question of asking for help because this week I listened to a Founder/CEO of a start-up ask for help and then bristle at the responses of those offering it. He has a lengthy history of success in high profile positions. Now he is the founder and CEO of a start up and he needs help. He spoke to a group of business owners and professionals who volunteer their time and wisdom every week. But when the questions and advice got uncomfortable, he resorted to reminding us of his background.

I do not believe that anyone needs to beg or self-deprecate in order to ask for help. Good help usually comes to those who have the confidence to ask the hard questions and listen thoughtfully to the answers.

When you are asking for help, check your demeanor. Confidence is great, defensiveness is not. Which are you?

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