How a CEO Learned to Get Repeat Business

Ryan, the CEO of a marketing consulting firm, was feeling stuck: the company was very successful attracting new clients and yet, once a contract was fulfilled, they got very little repeat business. He had a hunch something was missing.

Ryan knew the financial and profit benefits of repeat business. It seemed counter-intuitive to him, but he suspected that the barrier to getting repeat business was their long-time success with new client attraction.

He imagined different scenarios to get more renewal business and at the same time, he worried about what would happen if they diverted resources from new client attraction to repeat business generation and it failed?

He heard me speak about the GO Curve and chose a 3 month advisory engagement with Trivers Consulting Group to understand it and apply it in his business.

He was especially interested in moving their high-end Testers into the Regulars segment.

Calling upon his staff’s creative genius and channeling it into implementing the renewal plan I co-created with him, they got a 12% bump in revenue in the first 8 weeks. He said, with surprise, “Sometimes people just want to be asked!”

He said he realized that just because his creatives are experts in marketing messaging for one purpose (attraction) doesn’t mean they are able do marketing planning for a different purpose (repeat business) even though these things seem closely related.

What is your company so good at that it could be a barrier to success of another kind? If you’d like to better understand the GO Curve concept, schedule a Listening Call. When you’re ready to capitalize on your current buyers and your current offerings, just as Ryan’s company did, let me know. 703-801-0345.

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