Go Curve: The Blueprint for Increasing Revenue

Insights – Maximize Top Line Revenue
Maximize Top Line Revenue

how we help business ownersProfessional and business services firms find the GO CURVE most helpful for making decisions about what to sell and to whom.

Use the GO CURVE yourself:

1- Run a report on your sales by product or services line for the past 12 months.

2- Divide your products or services into three categories:

  • Common: these are either easy to access (i.e. low price, not hard to decide) or undifferentiated. Every company needs some of these.
  • Uncommon: Increasing differentiation, value and price. There is a range from lower to higher.
  • Exceptional: Complete differentiation. High value, high price or fee.

3- Plot these on the GO CURVE. You will clearly see the alignment between your products and services and your buyers: Testers, Regulars and Enthusiastic Fans.

4-Some questions to ask:

Is our perceived alignment born out by the actual results? For example, do the people we think of as Regulars typically buy our Uncommon offerings? Why or why not?

5- Model different combinations of buyers and offerings across the GO CURVE?

  • Where is the greatest opportunity for increasing sales?
  • Are there products and services we should discontinue?
  • Or add value to?
  • And how should we market going forward?

The GO CURVE has been our most popular and useful tool for years. We hope you’ll use it to help you decide what to market and who to market it to.

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