GO CURVE Evergreen Client System™

GO CURVE Evergreen Client System™
GO CURVE Evergreen Client System™

This proprietary System gives business owners and executives new insight into how to truly maximize the value of your current buyers

Current buyers are the backbone of every company, and the more you focus on them the stronger that backbone becomes.

This System includes every part you need, and every action requried, all in one place.

  • GO CURVE Blueprint
  • Cultivate and Nurture Plan
  • 4-Message Marketing Mix
  • Sales Cycle for Regulars and Enthusiastic Fans

Current buyers are the most potent sources of profits, bar none. Make this system your reality and see your revenue and profits increase dramatically.

  1. Identify your current Enthusiastic Fans and your Regulars. This is a key action in the Go Curve Blueprint.
  2. Document the recurring and new needs and desires of your Enthusiastic Fans and Regulars. You should be keeping track of these in your CRM.
  3. Schedule regular meetings or calls with these buyers. At least twice per year, three times as value increases. These personal contacts are in addition to your monthly C&N Plan activities.
  4. Act quickly when buyers are interested. Ensure that your responses are timely and enthusisastic. Make the product or service available, whether by a direct sale, or by proposal/offer and P.O. Collect payment.
  5. Deliver order. Ensure that customer service thanks the buyer and offers assistance to help buyer enjoy the value of their purchases immediately.
  6. Continue executing your C&N Plan, which is retention marketing at its best. You retain buyers with the 4-Message Marketing Mix.
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