Get Serious to Grow Your Company Successfully

get serious about growth
What does it mean to grow a company successfully? There’s growth and then there’s successful growth. We’re intensely focusing on successful growth for the low mid market and small companies owned by our clients.

Successful Growth Defined

15-40% increases in three values:

  • Revenue (top line)
  • Profit or Earnings (bottom line)
  • Company Value (requires great revenue and earnings growth plus low risk)

I confess we’ve allowed some owners’ timidness or reluctance to do the serious and habit-changing work of successful growth to lead to anemic efforts. No longer! We’re going to be serious about successful growth.

The Past Cannot Create the Future

No matter your revenue, profit or company value today, continuing to do what you’ve always done isn’t the key to successful growth (15-40%) this year and beyond. Once you’ve set your growth goals, you must begin your work by asking “What do we have to do to achieve that success?” And there can be no sacred cows or untouchables.

Strategy, Operations and Financial Must Work Together

Every company lives or dies on the three functions of Strategy, Operations and Financial. Each discrete element of these functions needs to support the others. Gaps cause failure to thrive and leave your buyers susceptible to the marketing initiatives of the competition.

The CEO of a scientific instrument company knew that their production facility could not keep up with demand. Orders took months to fill because of limited skilled personnel. This made their buyers unhappy and caused the company to have serious cash flow problems. They needed to pay for the raw materials months before they would receive payment for the orders they filled. This 25-year company was completely stuck because of these huge gaps between their Strategy, Operations and Financial.

Do you recognize these or other gaps affecting your business? The first order of business on the road to successful company growth is to close those gaps.

Will this be the year you get serious about growing your company successfully?

Give Trivers Consulting Group a call. We offer our comprehensive Growth Methodology scaled to your company size. If you think your company is a great or good fit for TCG, we’d love to schedule a complimentary discovery call this week or next. 703-801-0345.

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