Get Off the Plateau

Get Off the Plateau
Is it Time for a Business Transformation?

Yes, If You’re Stuck on a Plateau…

Business GrowthIf what you’ve been doing for years produces growth that barely registers, is it time to think big?

  • Big as in breaking things.
  • Big as in “let’s do what we’ve never done before!”
  • Big as in transformational.

The sad truth is that a business that’s not growing is slowly dying. For example, this year’s $4.5 million is worth less than last year’s $4.5 million. And $4.5 million will be worth less next year.

You can reverse the trend.

It’s possible to revitalize, grow and get off the plateau. The key is to commit to transforming the company. Everything must be a candidate for change. Nothing can be off the table.

Trivers Consulting Group will partner with you for this thorough and dramatic change in form.

Is Transformation Right for Your Company?

As the owner of a low-mid-market or small company, you’ve tended it and nurtured it for years. You have a huge advantage when it comes to transformation if you only tap into it. Knowing the ins and outs, the dark corners and little secrets means you know where every possibility lies.

The Owner must be gutsy.

  • It’s gutsy to ask: What does an $XX million company look like?
  • It’s gutsy to ask: What do we have to have in order to become an $XX million company?
  • It’s gutsy to ask: What do we have to do to make it?

The height of gutsiness is to commit: We’re going to create a dramatic and thorough change.

Trivers Consulting Group doesn’t advocate tossing everything out will-nilly. We advocate focusing on a company’s strengths and building around them. We look for gaps between 2 successful parts and recommend ways to fill them in. We’re excited to uncover trapped opportunities.

We rarely try to fix weaknesses, because that consumes resources that could be used for the transformation.

The Ten Keys to Transformation

We’ll work with you to explore these keys and plan for their implementation. Other possibilities always arise from the conversations around these. These are where we begin.


What are your current strategic statements? “We deliver X value to Y buyers for Z profit.”


Strategy analysis: which of these strategies will contribute to the transformation?

    1. How do we handle the rest?
    2. Do we discontinue offerings, let low value buyers go, emphasize high value in our brand?
    3. What new products and services do our target markets want and need?

How do we increase the value of products and services purchased by our best buyers? How can we add value in the form of “tangible intangibles” that increase profit?


How do we make the customer experience unmatched? Quality, content, timing, delivery, service, post-delivery relationship.


How do we attract new perfect fit buyers?


What new pricing models do we adopt? You cannot transform if you keep your long-time pricing models.


How do we accumulate cash in the business? Cash makes expansion and transformation possible at the lowest cost.


Which current advisers will help us transform and which need to be removed?


How do we transform our organization to achieve our transformational revenue, earnings and risk goals? What changes to operations are needed?


What 10 new sources of inspiration, innovation, perspective and imagination can we bring to bear on our transformation?

Transform Your Company with Trivers Consulting Group

Every client project or engagement is designed specifically for that client. We consider the size and complexity of your business in every plan and project. Nothing is off the shelf.

Ask yourself:

  • Who is in your inner circle and how do they help you transform; or will they hold you back because they’re uncomfortable with dramatic changes??
  • What are your contingency plans in case an emergency interferes with your running of the company?
  • How will you create lift off and apply strategies that will lead to dramatic changes that increase revenue and earnings and lower risk?

Trivers Consulting Group will fill these roles. We invite you to take the first step: book a complimentary Discovery Call. You may discover that your company is a great fit for Trivers Consulting Group and that you can start your transformation quickly. 703-801-0345

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