Focus Not Frenzy

Did you wake up this Monday morning and think “What do I have to do today?” or a variation such as “What’s on my calendar?” Do you have these thoughts every morning?

I used to do this myself until one day I asked a different question: “How am I going to attract my clients to my new offering?” Then everything I did that day and that week was focused on this specific new service: bringing it to the attention of my current clients; writing and calling them to talk about their progress towards their own goals; and offering some customized adjustments on the spot. A week of that focus produced three new purchases.

What’s the difference between “What do I have to do today?” and “How am I going to attract my clients to my new offering?” After all, you could possibly answer the first question with “I have to promote my new product today.”

The key difference is the clarity, specificity  and parameters of the second question.

Clarity: attract my clients. Not the ‘market’ or the competitors’ clients. My clients, people who know us and have done business with our company before.

Specificity: the new offering. Not all products and services, only this new product.

Parameters: everything I do is going to be for and about current clients and this new offering. I will not divert my attention to anything else.

The most frequent push-back I get is “I have so much on my plate, I can’t ignore all of it just for this new offerings.” When I ask “Why?” there are sputters and digressions but no real justification. It all boils down to people doing what they’ve always done.

Nothing changes until you change.

The use of your resources, the revenue to your company, your reputation with your buyers, your owner well-being and owner wealth—none of it will change until you change how you think and change what you do following your changed thinking.

Here’s what one client said one month into our work on focus, not frenzy: “I never realized how much energy I wasted on things that seemed important but actually never contributed to more revenue. In one month working with Susan, I freed myself from so much ‘stuff’ and focused on the most important things. We’re seeing a 12% revenue increase this quarter over the same period last year.”

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