Flat Revenue No Longer

Flat Revenue No Longer
Flat Revenue No Longer

“I’m excited about 2020” the CEO told me. “We raise our prices every 3 years. We can raise them in 2020 and increase our revenue by 10%.”

Wow! This is a long time CEO and Owner enthusiastic about raising hourly rates once every 3 years.

Even if the total revenue dollars go up, the company is not growing. No new value, no new services, no new buyers. A goal for increasing revenue must encompass adding new value, charging for that value, retaining the best clients and customers and attracting new ones who appreciate the higher value. An across the board price increase does none of that.

The 3 causes of flat revenue:

  • Fear of losing customers and clients
  • Not pricing for value delivered (hourly rates)
  • Not releasing trapped opportunities

1. Fear of losing customers and clients

When you’ve been a buyer, what’s your reaction when the company says prices are going up to cover the company’s increasing costs? Or because it’s a new year? Have you thought “why should I pay for that?”

Your company’s buyers have the same thoughts. Your expenses and your calendar are not a concern of theirs.

We have learned during 20 years of intervewing the buyers of our clients that they do not care about your costs. They also don’t care about your inputs (people, IT, certifications). They care about what they get when they buy from you.

They also instantly pick up when you’re fearful of charging higher prices or fees. They know you worry that they’ll go elsewhere. They hold power over your purse and you let them.

We change the power dynamic, giving you confidence that you can raise prices and fees and keep customers and clients happy.

2. Not pricing for value delivered

  • Selling new services for the same old prices
  • Adding value to existing services and charging the same old price
  • Hourly billing

Do recognize these? Each one causes flat revenue and together with the fear of raising prices, they keep you permanently stuck on the flat revenue plateau.

We’ll help you to understand the immense power of value based fees and prices and build your confidence to win over current buyers. Of course, new buyers will only know your value based fees.

Will some buyers leave when you make changes? Probably. That’s good, it creates space and energy for you to attract new buyers who are seeking higher value and will pay for that value.

Start increasing revenue immediately.

3. Not releasing trapped opportunities

What are trapped opportunities? Trapped opportunities are money making services that you allow to lie dormant in the space between the value you currently offer and your newest knowledge and expertise.

You could leverage this new knowledge and expertise into higher value services with higher prices and fees. But you don’t, so they are trapped.

We will help you release trapped opportunities to produce revenue and proft from your new knowledge and expertise.

How to Work with Trivers Consulting Group to Increase Sales

We offer three levels of engagement. You choose the outcome or goal and how much work you want to do compared to how much you’d like us to do. Fees are based on your company’s most recent annual revenue.

Light Touch Medium Touch Deep Dive

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 1-30 days

Client/TCG responsibilities: 80%/20%

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 31-60 days

Client/TCG responsibilities 65%/35%

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 61-90 days

Client/TCG responsibilities 50%/50%


Three Steps: It’s So Easy

  1. Email me to set up a complimentary call. We’ll explore the fit between your company and ours.
  2. If we agree that we like the fit, we’ll discuss the options at three levels.
  3. We’ll discuss the fee and the duration. We’ll sign the agreement, you’ll remit the fee, and we’ll get started!

Questions? The best way to get your questions answered is to schedule your Complimentary Call. There’s no obligation—why not get answers to your questions? Email or call 703-801-0345.