Flat Revenue is Bad But There is Good News

Flat revenue means your company does have buyers and makes sales. So it’s unlikely that your sales process isn’t working.

What is most likely, as I’ve seen scores of times, is that you can’t imagine new ways of increasing sales to your existing buyers. Giving current buyers imaginative and good reasons to buy will put your revenue on an upward trajectory more quickly and less expensively than any other effort.

I enjoy thinking back to clients from across many industries who fired up their imaginations and put their revenue on an upward climb. Consider a few of their examples.


  • The HVAC general manager who combined 4 different preventive services into one annual platinum package that 1500 buyers said yes to within the first month of offering.
  • The auto services owner who increased the average number of service appointments per year from 3 to 4 simply by booking the next service appointment as part of settling the bill for the current service.
  • The CPA who offered an annual net worth advisory program for his best clients instead of being just the ‘tax guy.’ 23 of the first 25 clients he offered this to signed up immediately.
  • The architect who turned his antipathy to CAD drawings into high demand for his beautiful hand drawn plans, increasing his large-scale remodel projects from 4 to 6 annually.
  • The bookkeeping services provider who replaced task-based hourly billing with annual, all-inclusive value-based fees for their business clients, simplifying the business’s cash flow and ensuring that every business gets exactly what it needs for growth.
  • The proposal consultants who, after years of resisting, now offer their services for an all-inclusive fee determined by the client’s required outcome. 12 our of 12 clients have thanked them and vowed never to go back to hourly billing again.

The good news is your sales efforts are working. The even better news is that when you fire up your imagination, your sales efforts will produce even better results.

What imaginative improvements and innovations can you come up to boost your revenue with current buyers? If your imagination fails you, are you going to just give up or will you get some help?

If you’re intrigued by the how your imagination can give your revenue a lift, let’s talk. Book a 30-40 minute Listening Call in August and see results by November. 703-790-1424.

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