Are you an owner whose company revenue comes from your intellectual property? Does your company offer consumer products or services that are hard to differentiate? Are you tired of too much work and not enough money? Fear you aren’t successfully building company value and your owner wealth?

We get many questions about how Trivers Consulting Group works with business owners eager to overcome these challenges and meet owners’ needs. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, just drop us a line at susan@susantrivers.com

Q. What’s your process?

A. We focus on outcomes. We create systems or models that address the different outcomes desired by business owners. No owner is in the same exact situation as any other and one process does not address these unique situations. Every client relationship is designed for the specific owner and their company and includes our relevant proven tools and models.

Q. Which industries do you work with?

A. We have many, many clients in industries that are built on intellectual property. These include: accounting, law, designers and creatives of all kinds (architects, web design, fashion, writing, interior and exterior design, IT services, marketing, photography) and niche consultants.

We also work with owners of consumer products and services. Examples include auto services, home protection services, HVAC, remodeling companies, landscaping services, spas, massage, jewelry, and catering.

The common thread between these various industries is the Owner. The owners have devoted their energy and financial resources to their companies and want to build company value and owner wealth.

Q. How are you different from other consulting firms?

A. In our experience a company needs to break some new ground in order to break through revenue and profit plateaus.

We have built our clients’ successes on our belief that imagination and creativityare the sources of all growth. We take a fresh, and often contrarian, approach to earnings, growth and risk. We do not subscribe to best practices (they are the floor), conventional wisdom (everyone does it this way), or a fixed-process approach.

All our work is focused on the value of outcomes, not on a checklist of inputs.

Q. What does it cost to work with Trivers Consulting Group?

A. The cost of working with Trivers Consulting Group is commensurate with the value of the outcomes the client is working towards. This is our value-based fee model. For reference, fees range from the low four figures to the mid-five figures. The best way to determine what our work with your company will cost is to call us. We start with a virtual coffee talk, a complimentary conversation when you can tell us your story and share your goals and challenges. If we agree to continue the conversation, we’ll move into the discovery call, during which we discuss the value you are seeking and the method or approach that would work best for you. Then we’ll write a discussion document that captures your story, your needs and your goals and two or three options for working with you. At this point we agree to go ahead with the proposed plan of your choice. Payment terms may vary depending on the plan chosen. In all cases you can expect to remit all or a portion of the fee upon acceptance of a plan.

It’s impossible to answer every question you might have on this page. If there’s a question we didn’t answer here, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a line at susan@susantrivers.com.