Extrapolation: What Can You Learn from Taylor Swift?

Did you hear the big news? “Taylor Swift drops new song on YouTube and Spotify and shatters record with the most views in 24 hours. Currently over 30 MILLION views.”

And the conclusion? “Social Media is where the eyeballs are!”

For business owners and executives, this news prompts two reactions:

1) “We better up our social media game.” And 2) “We’re not Taylor Swift, so this doesn’t have anything to do with us.”

Let’s explore these two reactions.

For the vast majority of businesses with revenue up to $50 million, social media is NOT where your buyer’s eyeballs are. Their eyeballs stop and linger over high-value content that is meaningful to them. If you rush headlong into upping your social media game, you risk missing the most important eyeballs of all: those of your current best buyers and enthusiastic fans.

Make no mistake, social media is for the broadest, most general audience. Your competitors will use social media in an expensive and vain attempt to attract your buyers.

Your response must be to become more committed to narrowly focused, customized, relevant content specifically for your current best buyers and enthusiastic fans.

It’s true that your company is not Taylor Swift, but it is false that this story doesn’t have anything to do with you.

Here’s what I mean:

▪Taylor Swift knows that her fans spend a lot of time on You Tube and Spotify, so she dropped her new song where her fans practically live.

  • Your company knows where your best buyers, enthusiastic fans and regulars live, so you should market to them in those places.

▪Taylor Swift used video to share every nuance of her new song with her fans. (There are 2 versions, one is completely graphics and the other is Swift herself in myriad costumes and settings.)This performance is about so much more than the words and music. Her production values also are top-notch.

  • You too can use You Tube to share the nuances and details of your expertise and value. If you get help to look absolutely your best and create an outstanding production, video will be a powerful marketing tool to your best buyers and enthusiastic fans.

Marketing techniques have and will continue to change and evolve. What hasn’t changed is that extreme focus on current best buyers and enthusiastic fans is the most effective way to dramatically grow your business.

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