Do You Understand the Power of A Catalyst a Day?


What would change in your company if you arrived at work each day with a new catalyst in hand?

Catalysts are persons or things that precipitate change. Think of a catalyst as a stimulus, a spark or an impetus. Bringing new catalysts to your company daily would create huge momentum, wouldn’t it?

24 years ago I became an entrepreneur and I’ve experienced first hand the excitement and financial benefits of daily catalysts. Some have been big and some modest; all have moved me along on the journey to today. I expect to continue creating new catalysts forever.

I’m launching this new version of my weekly newsletter to emphasize the critical value of catalysts. The newsletter aligns with my newly created website which is chock full of catalysts for all business owners.

Here are the highlights, with embedded links. Please use every complementary piece I offer to bring catalysts to your company for improvements, innovations and growth.

And before you go…please let me know how you like my ideas, what else you would like to see, and if you have any comments or suggestions. Different points of view are always welcome.

Tinker: Trust your hunches, that’s where the magic starts! If you’re thinking “We’re doing great, there’s not much to change” I will make you think again. I reveal how tinkering may be the most important business strategy you’re ignoring. As my clients know, tinkering is the hidden key to sustained growth and profitability.

Owner wealth needs to be a forethought, not an afterthought. In my 7 Moves to Increase Owner Wealth, I show you how to build owner wealth into your strategy implementation plan. It is never bolted on or at the tail end; owner wealth grows while your business grows. A quick read that will change your fortune.

What’s your attitude about risk? The more risk tolerance you have, the higher the potential financial return when you take chances. Complete the Risk Tolerance Assessment and use the findings to increase your company’s revenue potential.

Create immense and immediate buyer satisfaction and book revenue sooner. My 5 Proven Tactics to Shorten Your Sales Cycle speed forces you to do an internal examination of your own selling methods and attitudes, as well as learn techniques to overcome slow-down tactics of your buyers.

You’ve got degrees and years of experience. Do you also have Wits and Grit? If you’re a person with Wits and Grit your organization will have wits and grit. In “Accelerate” I show you the 10 traits that comprise wits and the 13 behaviors that comprise grit. Identify the ones you have and the others you want to adopt.

Your best customers or clients are current customers or clients. How do you keep these precious buyers close, and eager to make repeat purchases? You implement a 12-month Cultivate and Nurture Plan. My C & N Plan has been tested and proven over years and across industries. Download it and get started today. You’ll see the difference immediately and enjoy the results for years to come. If there’s one Do It Yourself project I recommend, it’s the Cultivate and Nurture Plan.

My Mission is to help owner-led companies capitalize on their current assets– current buyers, current offerings and current employees– for maximum revenue and profit. Please let me know what really makes a difference for your company.

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