Cash-Your Company’s Superpower

Cash-Your Company’s Superpower
Cash-Your Company’s Superpower

Have you been here?

“We’re beating our sales goals like crazy, but we don’t have any money!”

I whipped my head around when I heard this. It was Abraham, the owner of a bookkeeping services franchise. Leads poured in with the help of corporate marketing. With top-of-the-line technology, staff could handle a wide range of issues. So why did the business not accumulate cash?

Our assessment pointed to two reasons: hourly billing and underpricing. When we fixed these two critical factors, revenue soared and so did cash in the bank.

If your company is sales rich but cash poor, you’ve come to the right place. With 20+ years experience helping services companies, Trivers Consulting Group knows how to help you build your cash.

Many owners wonder “What’s the big deal about cash accumulation? We pay our bills without a problem.”

Cash is your company’s superpower!

Cash is about so much more than paying your bills. With plentiful cash you can:

  • Invest in your people
  • Invest in your marketing, sales and customer service,
  • Invest in the development of new offerings
  • Cultivate and nurture current buyers and treat your clients to appreciation events
  • Grow by acquisition or vertical expansion.
  • Take good risks

Businesses must have money (cash) or they will die. Slow or fast, without cash the outcome is always “Closed.”

How to get money for your company:

  • Contribute it from elsewhere (savings, retirement funds, collectibles, etc.)
  • Credit cards
  • Other debt-banks, investors, family/friends
  • Make sales
  • Increase sales
  • Build profit into every sale
  • Accumulate profits in the business (don’t protect profits from taxes)
  • Use cash for growth to make more cash.
  • Take risks.

Profit is more than the excess of revenue over expenses. Profit is your compensation for risk taking. It’s the same as any other investment. The more profit the more cash accumulation.

Rules to Accumulate Cash

  1. Write Strategic Statements that include specific profits for each strategy (what we sell, to which buyer for how much profit). Company policy: no sale without the right profit.
  2. Price for value to buyer, not for time spent.
  3. Feast or famine? Improve your marketing and sales efforts to eliminate famines.
  4. Feast AND Famine? Take steps to permanently eradicate built in famine.
  5. Kill it on customer service
  6. Continuous services development always focused on higher value for best (right) buyers.

How to Work with Trivers Consulting Group to Increase Sales

We offer three levels of engagement. You choose the outcome or goal and how much work you want to do compared to how much you’d like us to do. Fees are based on your company’s most recent annual revenue.

Light Touch Medium Touch Deep Dive

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 1-30 days

Client/TCG responsibilities: 80%/20%

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 31-60 days

Client/TCG responsibilities 65%/35%

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 61-90 days

Client/TCG responsibilities 50%/50%


Three Steps: It’s So Easy

  1. Email me to set up a complimentary call. We’ll explore the fit between your company and ours.
  2. If we agree that we like the fit, we’ll discuss the options at three levels.
  3. We’ll discuss the fee and the duration. We’ll sign the agreement, you’ll remit the fee, and we’ll get started!

Questions? The best way to get your questions answered is to schedule your Complimentary Call. There’s no obligation—why not get answers to your questions? Email or call 703-801-0345.