Buyers Choose Your Company- Show them Abundant Appreciation

“We are thrilled for the opportunity.” That was the response I received when I inquired about booking two breakfast events in the next four months. Not simply “Thank you for your business” or “We’ll be happy to help” or “Sure, we’ve put a hold on those dates for you.”

“We are thrilled for the opportunity.”

That’s Abundant Appreciation. You’ll have resolutions, set goals and write To-Do Lists—but those will come and go. The one and only DO for 2018 that, if you stick to it like glue, will pay huge dividends is to practice Abundant Appreciation.

Why Abundant Appreciation?
Your clients and customers have chosen your company. This is the main reason why—they’ve chosen you from dozens or more other companies. If you want to be the choice again and again, show them abundant appreciation. That stands out from all the other tepid ways of saying thanks.

Rededicate yourself and everyone in your company to appreciating your clients and customers. It seems crazy to make this basic idea the one and only DO for 2018, but my experience shows me it’s absolutely necessary.

Making gracious and magnanimous appreciation your number one DO for 2018 will bring in more revenue and generate more profit than all the social media, networking and traditional marketing combined. And it’s free!

What Abundant Appreciation Sounds and Looks Like

Expressions of thanks: use the most demonstrative language you can. Say it with enthusiasm in your voice and on your face. Write it generously and with deep warmth.

  • “We are thrilled for the opportunity.”
  • “Thank you for giving us the honor of meeting your needs.”
  • “We appreciate your trust in us; thank you so much.”
  • “We are deeply appreciative of the chance to help you.”
  • “You have many choices and we are honored that you’ve chosen us to serve you.”

Behaviors of Appreciation: you demonstrate your regard for and appreciation of others by your behavior.

  • Always be on time. Leave extra early and spend the waiting time thinking appreciatively about the person you are meeting. Nothing says disrespect like tardiness.
  • Ensure eye contact and warm facial expressions and gestures–smiling, nodding–when in conversation. There’s nothing better than giving someone your full attention.
  • Be a great listener. Listening and responding with appropriate comments about what you just heard is abundant appreciation. Don’t turn the conversation to yourself.
  • Respond immediately to personal and direct communications. Whether invitations, requests for information or other needs via emails or voice mails, there is always time to say “Thank you for writing/calling. I can/cannot/would love to/regret that I can’t …..….” You can always add to your response later, but most of the time the immediate answer feels respectful and is perceived as abundant appreciation.
  • Give gifts without an “ask” at the end. Any business whose value derives from intellectual property (IP) can give gifts of information and knowledge in small ways to all clients. Others can send articles or books, and sometimes small fun items are appropriate. Give for the pleasure of giving. Your company will stand out from among the competition.

Success Stories

As my clients reflect on their greatest successes this year, all are connected to abundant appreciation. Some companies have implemented high quality cultivate and nurture campaigns. Others had intimate special events for clients. We’ve started affinity clubs for companies that serve customers with a variety of interests. The clubs are gifts to the buyers of each special interest. Getting 40-50 customers in a room with some refreshments and a compelling speaker expresses abundant appreciation. And it sure does increase loyalty and repeat business.

How will you express abundant appreciation in 2018?

More important than the specific expressions of abundant appreciation is that it is consistent and demonstrated every single day by you, the owner and CEO. People will follow your actions, not your instructions.

Be the first person to express abundant appreciation to people inside the company as well as to your buyers. Do it clearly and unmistakably, and without fail. You will start hearing and seeing your examples being followed. And you will see the results in your revenue and profit!

Best wishes for a successful, abundant year in 2018!

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