Bullseye Marketing for Services Companies

Launch Your Company’s Customized Bullseye Marketing Campaign!

Increase Profits from Existing Customers and Clients

Customer retention is the best way to create a steady influx of profits every day.

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%.

Contact all existing clients with a letter thanking them for their business.

There is huge pent-up demand for products and services not consumed during the past couple of years.

  • Existing clients are more likely to spend money than new ones, so be sure you don’t ignore your current clients.
  • Every account you retain is an account you don’t have to replace.
  • Don’t lead with an upsell. Ask about where they’re struggling, and then listen actively.
  • Look for ways to use their current budget to help them solve problems.
  • Sales VPs or sales manager should get in touch with each existing client and show support for them.

Clients respect the communication when it comes from the top.

Communication is key.

Successful businesses are built on trust.

Increase sales to existing customers:

  • Lower marketing costs
  • Get quicker payments
  • Increase sales of related and premium products and services

Only Bullseye Marketing directs all your efforts to existing customers and clients and generates an influx of profits daily.

Trivers Consulting Group has been supporting  professional and business services firms to increase profits since our founding in 1999. Bullseye Marketing is our deepest and most detailed approach ever and we’re excited to offer it to your company.

What is Bullseye Marketing?

In the game of darts the more bullseyes a competitor hits, the quicker they win. Players are strategic and tactical as they aim their darts at precise segments of the target that will help them win. From Outer Ring to Inner Ring to Bullseye, they aim for success.

Business owners win with the same approach: hit as many bullseyes as possible, and always be strategic and tactical in your marketing efforts.

Research shows that an existing customer:

  • Is more likely to shop with you again and again
  • Makes the purchase more quickly
  • Increases the amount they spend
  • Shares their customer satisfaction with others.

Checklist: How to Optimize Retention Marketing.
See how well your company is doing.

Bullseye Marketing Puts Existing Customers and Clients First

It delivers what customers and clients want to hear from your company.

  • Convince me that you deserve to be at the top of my mind.
  • Remind me of your value to me.
  • Tell me why I should continue buying from your company. (Speak to my pain, needs, or wants.)
  • Tell me about the other products and services you offer.
  • Show me your appreciation.


Bullseye Marketing Gives Owners the Tools to Win

It delivers what business owners and executives want from their marketing investments:

  • Segmentation of existing clients and customers into current (purchases in the past 30-60 days), recent (up to 180 days, and past (beyond 180 days.)
  • Marketing content that speaks to the three different sectors and to their pains, needs and wants.
  • Complete visibility “under the hood.” There’s no mystical marketing magic that they can’t see/feel/touch.
  • Speed and heavy lifting. Get the work done quickly and do the parts that are hard for me.

Bullseye Marketing projects run from 21 days up to 60 days.

Short. Clear. Targeted.

Here’s What Bullseye Marketing Meant to Recent Clients

  • Consulting firm: Repeat purchases contributed 55% of the company’s profit in the first year.
  • CPA Firm: Revenue from premium services purchased by existing clients increased by 150%; profit increased by 121%
  • Auto services: Revenue from existing customers increased by 39%. Profit increased by 21%.
  • Architect: Revenue from referrals by existing clients increased by 33% the first year. Profit increased by 18.3%.

What could it mean to your company?


Bullseye Marketing Fulfills the Strategic Priority of CEOs and Owners

Growth is the top strategic priority for CEOs of medium and large-sized companies in 2019-2020, according to Gartner’s 2019 CEO and Senior Executive Survey.

The single best way to meet this strategic priority—Growth—is with Bullseye Marketing.


Bullseye Marketing Meets Customer and Client Needs

Buyers love personalization. A whopping 69% of buyers are willing to pay more for a more personalized experience  You can see why personalization is makes a huge impact in B2B relationships!

Bullseye Marketing is heavily based on personalization. When done well, personalization is an effective way to retain existing customers.

Bullseye Marketing uses many tactics to enhance personalization:

  • Detailed Audience profile
  • Recaps of prior value enjoyed
  • Recommendations for related products and services
  • Opportunities to try something new
  • Exclusive offers only available to an individual customer

Bullseye Marketing Plan

You Can’t Overestimate the Importance of Customer Retention to Increasing Profits

Existing customers are likely to buy more often from you and spend more money on each purchase. Plus, keeping existing customers costs a lot less than continually acquiring new ones.

So, what does all this mean for your business? The more repeat customers you have – the higher your profits.

Did you know? The success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is only 5-20%!

New leads grow cold in less than 24 hours and most companies aren’t set up to maximize new leads that quickly. Stop chasing strangers and use Bullseye Marketing to invest heavily in existing customers and clients.

What You Can Expect from Trivers Consulting Group During Your Bullseye Marketing Project

  • When you call, we return the call
  • When you text, we text back
  • When you email, we reply
  • We invite you “under the hood” to see everything we do. You’ll see our work and that you’re getting what you paid for.

What’s NOT Included in any Bullseye Marketing package?

These 7 horrible, terrible, wince-inducing marketing tactics that we will never use:

  1. Couching a request to connect as “exploring synergies.”
  2. An invitation to “get to know you” which is really a one-way litany of intrusive questions.
  3. Telling lies. Both lies of commission (falsehoods) and of omission (only part of the story) are bad.
  4. Throwing every name/email address you’ve ever collected into your mailing list
  5. Making up a phony history together.
  6. Relying on hype, manipulation, and deception to get attention.
  7. Faking urgency.

Remember, Bullseye Marketing is speaking to your existing customers and clients—people who already know and like you. They would be offended to be treated like this. You never have to fear attaching deceptions or pressure to your company’s name.


Bullseye Marketing Positions Your Company Top of Mind

General marketing aims to attract people to your company. Bullseye Marketing retains existing customers and clients and positions your company Top of Mind for the long term. This leads to repeat purchases, increases dollars spent, and generates referrals by word-of-mouth.

The Three Positions in a Buyer’s Mind

Your company can occupy one of three positions in a buyer’s mind: out of mind, bottom of mind and top of mind.

For illustrative examples of how these positions impact a buyer’s thinking, let’s use auto services and accounting services as case studies. You can substitute your type of business in these examples.

Out of mind

No one is thinking about your kind of company at all. For example, people hop in the car and give no thought to how the car is doing. In the second example, companies go about their business without thinking to check with their accountant for advice or guidance.

Bottom of mind

Some folks are thinking in general terms: “Hmm, the car needs an oil change.” “We’re going to add some new products or services, we should probably talk to an accountant.”

Top of mind

People are thinking of your company specifically. “My car needs an oil change; I will take it to my regular garage.”  “We need advice on how our new service offering will impact our P&L; we’ll call our regular accounting firm.”

If you don’t invest in Top of Mind marketing, it’s as if your business doesn’t even exist.

Bullseye Marketing Ensures that Your Company Is and Remains Top of Mind.

Why Bullseye Marketing?

I. Bullseye Marketing Keeps Your Company Top of Mind

Trivers Consulting Group helps private companies create marketing that attracts interest and keeps companies Top of Mind.:

  • Bullseye Marketing brings your customers and clients closer to your company because it treats them with respect.
  • Bullseye Marketing gives them value they can use on the spot.
  • Bullseye Marketing helps them feel you could be their partner in solving their problems.

Bullseye Marketing ensures your company stands out. There are over 4 million companies providing technical, professional, or scientific services. That’s a lot of competition! Bullseye Marketing will move your company to Top of Mind status and increase revenue and profits.


II. Bullseye Marketing Engages Clients

Your company can receive business building emails like this company did:

“Hi Alicia, I appreciate the emails you have been sending over the past few months.  Frequently they make me stop and focus on something, like today the need to listen better during my meetings and interactions over the next week.  Especially with my children, since we are all together for 2 weeks, for the first time since the pandemic started.

I’d love to talk with you about facilitating a discussion on equality and race for clients. Shall we talk soon?  Wishing you good health. Steve”

Within two weeks, Alicia’s firm had scheduled two facilitation sessions with Steve’s clients. Alicia was thrilled: “I am so happy we did a Bullseye Marketing project with Trivers Consulting Group. Susan Trivers nailed the content that our target market would respond to.”


III. Bullseye Marketing Increases Profits

  • The more your existing clients and customers buy, the more your profits increase.
  • The more they buy higher value/higher profit offerings, the more your profits increase.
  • The sooner they pay, the more your profits increase.
  • The more they refer your company to others, the more your profits increase.

Checklist: How Do You Currently Optimize Profits?

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Get the Bullseye Marketing Package That’s perfect for You

Bullseye Marketing Packages are Tailored to Your Preferences

For every growth-minded business owner or executive there’s a package to suit your preferences.

  • Are you naturally cautious about new expenditures? Our Outer Ring Package is for you.
  • Are you eager for more impact and mindful of your budget? Our Inner Ring pack was designed with you in mind
  • Do you have a strong hunch that new, powerful marketing to existing customers and clients is just what you need? Go for our comprehensive Bullseye

Bullseye Pack helps you:

  • Pinpoint the priorities of your buyers
  • Emphasize the most preferred products/services
  • Analyze your pricing
  • Repeat the most resonant messages

It includes 16 marketing messages (text and image delivered by platform of your choice)

Completed within 60 days
Fee: $1017.50

Inner Ring Pack helps you:

  • Understand buyer preferences
  • Promote high profit products/services

12 marketing messages (text and image delivered by platform of your choice)

Completed between 30-45 days
Fee: $742.50

Outer Ring Pack helps you:

  • Keep your company Top of Mind
  • Feature your most accessible products and services

8 marketing messages (text and image delivered by platform of your choice)

Completed within 30 days
Fee: $552.00

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