Build Healthy Relationships with Clients to Build a Wealthy Company

Customers and clients may not talk in terms we owners do, such as how important it is to build healthy relationships with clients. But they behave in ways that make it clear that they care.

When a company has healthy relationships with their customers and clients, those buyers will:

  • Post 5 star reviews online
  • Brag to their friends and colleagues about how they found the greatest prize in your field
  • Be quick to share your company’s name with others

Top Reasons Why Companies Don’t Build Relationships

  • No time (we’re too busy gambling on prospects)
  • Don’t understand what it requires (building healthy relationships is about quality not quantity)
  • Too committed to the way we always do things (remember the old definition of insanity?)

Do The Opposite and Build Company Wealth

  • Devote 3 hours per week to nurturing current customers and clients
  • Learn what makes a successful nurturing campaign
  • Break a few things

If you’re eager to build healthy relationships with these three steps, get our complimentary Evergreen Client download which takes you through every thing you need to build healthy relationships with clients and customers.

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