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Breakfast and Conversation
With Susan Trivers

The Time is NOW: Vision 2019

How will you make 2019 your best year ever?

Join a select group of owners and executives for this though-provoking conversation about how to improve your clients’ condition again and again. When your clients are improved, your own condition—your wealth and well-being—improve.

What if:

  • Every client and customer made one additional purchase next year?
  • You hit a desirable new milestone once every 2 months next year?
  • You capitalized on your personal power next year?
What’s too often missing is the creativity.
Susan Trivers is all about creativity. She wrote the book on it!

Tinker: How Smart Business Owners Develop Creative Ideas for True Growth

  • Trust It: trust your hunches
  • Try It: create experiments to test them
  • Tinker: make minor adjustments to maximize value
Susan’s Vision 2019 brings owners and executives together to work on their very own path and plan to make 2019 their best year ever. The breakfasts are complimentary and attendance at each breakfast is by invitation only.To receive your invitation, please enter your name and email address. You will be invited to the upcoming breakfast and conversation.

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