Best Business Growth Strategies: Inoculate Your Clients against Shiny Object Syndrome

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Inoculating your customers and clients against shiny objects is among the best business growth strategies.

Think about when you’ve been tempted by shiny objects, those new services that promise amazing results and out-of-this world success!

Some providers are extremely persuasive and have a knack for getting people to say “yes.” I’ll confess, I admire their talent.

What I don’t admire is that when the shiny object tarnishes, they’re nowhere to be seen. They don’t provide great service, they don’t hear you out and they’re really focused on the next big catch. Like going after your clients and customers.

Is there anything you can do to inoculate your customers and clients against shiny object syndrome? The goal is consistent and immovable retention. We believe there are 5 ways to keep your clients happy with your company and immune to the purported charms of competitors.

5 Shots to Inoculate Your Buyers Against Shiny Object Syndrome

1. Appreciate them. You simply cannot thank buyers enough. Thank them immediately after their purchase and then at regular intervals thereafter. Do NOT include sales pitches in these thank you notes.
2. Remind them of why they like your company. We call these “Why Stay?” messages. You’re answering the unasked question “Why should I stay with your company when there are so many choices out there?” Your answer should be in the form of client satisfaction stories. The client or buyer is the HERO of the story. Your company helped them get what they wanted. Delivering “Why Stay” messages several times per year is an powerful way to innoculate them against shiny object syndrome. Again, no sales pitches in these messages.
3. Keep your clients up to date on developments. It’s better for them to hear it from you than from a competitor. It’s especially meaningful if you can talk about your own company’s advancements. You are ahead of the curve and will keep your clients at the forefront as well. You’re not selling anything here either. When well-written, these top of mind messages will generate calls and inquiries.
4. Special offers. When you’ve been inoculating with your appreciation, Why Stay? and Top of Mind content, they’ll give you their attention when you do make a special offer. I want to emphasize here that by Special I don’t mean discounted or cheap. This is special in the sense that it’s the best you have to offer, it is relevant to the where your clients are today and it aligns with your continuous communication efforts.
5. Delight people unexpectedly. You can delight people at any time and you should. You could choose small gifts that are fun and attention-getting, although not cheesy or cheap. I’ve found that a quality pen or small piece of tech is appreciated. Plants or flowers, or candy or other edibles that can be kept or shared are also nice. The thought really does count.

We urge companies to adopt our plan for Nurturing Evergreen Clients and Customers. It includes these 4 messages as well as client appreciation events and one-on-ones with the best clients. You can download it here.

Your company will have all the tools in the download to properly inoculate your buyers. You could implement our ideas and inoculate your clients and customers against any shiny object.

But….if you can’t seem to do it yourself, we will help. We’ll share the work with you at a level that ensures you reap the benefits. Read about our services options and let us know which one would work the best for you. Or give us a call 703-801-0345.

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