Be Like Buffet-Write Your Company’s Annual Letter

I’ll always remember when I learned that Warren Buffet writes an annual letter to shareholders in his own personal voice. He inspired Bill and Melinda Gates to do the same. And he inspired me to write one for Trivers Consulting Group.

We concentrated on three primary objectives in 2018:

  • Marketing on two tracks: Top of Mind and Creating Demand
  • Thinking INSIDE the box because that’s where the gold is waiting to be mined
  • Creating more innovative content that increases value to clients

Marketing on Two Tracks

Every client learned the difference between Top of Mind marketing and marketing that Creates Demand. We worked to write marketing plans that included both of these messages and clearly identified which buyer gets which one, when and why.

The Create Demand marketing bore fruit immediately for almost every company. Create Demand marketing reflects the reality that just because a buyer buys from you once doesn’t mean they’ll continue to buy from you. And it also ensures that buyers who have bought one offering from you learn about all the other offerings you have.

Thinking INSIDE the box

We worked with client Owners and executives to take a deep look inside their companies. This truly cannot happen with only financial reports. We use our GO CURVE analysis and the visual picture it paints of buyers and of offerings to prompt ‘aha’ moments that matter. Every company should allocate 70% of their marketing efforts (time, energy, creativity, and dollars) to increasing revenue from current buyers and current offerings. And all employees no matter how far they seem from actual buyers, should understand how their work contributes to revenue and profit.

Thinking INSIDE the box sprung open the doors to new opportunities with current buyers, especially with higher value offerings. The INSIDE of your box is the ultimate source of business development. The Trivers Consulting Group clients who embraced this saw it pay off quite well.

More Innovative and High Value Content

We live and prosper by our creativity. Creativity is not a luxury, it is a necessity for growth. We find that too often Owners and Executives face two powerful barriers to creativity: their own fast-moving mindset that can’t slow down to create; and the habit of asking for complete plans before considering anything new.

I’m here to tell you that requiring a complete plan before investing is the opposite of what creates true growth. You need a mindset that encourages hunches and invests in not-fully-formed ideas. My 3-T Model: Trust It, Try It, Tinker tells you how to do it. You can read more in my 2018 book Tinker: How Smart Business Owners Develop Creative Ideas for True Growth.

What Would Your Annual Letter Say?

  • List 3 highlights of your year and 3 barriers, disappointments or failures.
  • Jot down your lessons learned.
  • Pick 3 changes you want to make in 2019. The most powerful changes are interior: your mindset; your willingness to say “no” in order to free your mind and your time; your outlook on the value of failures as well as the value of successes.

We at Trivers Consulting Group continue to make creativity and execution our priorities for our clients in 2019. If you’re thinking you’d benefit from some support for your own creativity and execution, we would love to hear from you. Call 703-801-0345or email to open the conversation with a complimentary Listening Call.

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