Arrogance is the Wrong Attitude for a Service Provider

I was eagerly waiting for the technician from the carpet cleaning company. He strode into my home, glanced at the area rug and quoted an outrageous price. It was 1.5 times more than I paid for 2 rugs a year ago.

When I objected he said it was because of the trip between their facility and my home. Well that hasn’t changed in the past year. After some other unpleasant words I sent him away.

Arrogance and dismissive attitudes do not have any place in a service business. If you are going into people’s home, there is only one appropriate style: be polite and be honest.

And do not wear an overpowering scent.

Do your on-site people truly understand the privilege of being allowed into people’s homes? You need to make sure they do.

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