Are You Thinking About How You Can be a Great Achiever?

Great Achievers Don’t Do It Alone

The great achievers in every endeavor will tell you that they didn’t do it alone. Somewhere during their lives, actually at many times during their ascension up the ladder of success, they had guidance, support, and plain old “do it this way” inputs. They made themselves accountable to others. They were open to ideas that did not fit with what they already believed. They made room in their heads and their hearts for the expertise of others.

We business owners and leaders speak about the value of peer groups, teams, masterminds, co-working spaces and other experiences that get us out of our own heads.

And yet…so many reasons pop up when owners and leaders contemplate engaging outside experts to help them climb their ladders of success:

  • “We’re too busy.”
  • “We’re focused on our strategic plan.”
  • “We know what we have to do, we just don’t make time to do it.”
  • “We don’t have the budget for it.”
  • “We need more time to execute all the ideas we already have.”
  • “Now is not the right time.”

And there’s this reason as well: “I’ve always believed in doing it myself.”

What Do We Know About Asking for Help?

Trivers Consulting Group is celebrating 20 years in business. I can tell you that those 20 years didn’t happen just because we worked hard and persisted with wits and grit through the ups and downs. At every step along the way, sometimes when we were riding high and sometimes when we felt we were falling so hard we’d never get up, we had advisers and mentors.

We’ve worked with experts in all disciplines, including marketing, content and intellectual property development, referrals, networking, speaking, book writing, digital footprint, online presence, design, sales, and asking for the business. Some experiences were outstanding and others left us disappointed. Every one of these has added to our expertise and ability to grow over 20 years.

How Your Company Can Become One of the Greats

Let’s start with this question:
Why would you deny your company the benefit of an outside expert for any of the reasons listed above?

I. Saying you don’t have time or you’re too busy points to your need to manage how you use your time better. Just because you’re busy, or everyone in the company is busy, doesn’t mean they should be. Don’t rush off to become better at time management. Stop for a moment and consider how you become better at activity management. Are you always doing the work that contributes the most to your company? Are all of your employees doing the highest value work for them? Do you have meetings for no reason? Do you know how to say “no” calmly and firmly, and then move on? Do you set aside blocks of time to do specific and valuable work that will contribute to future success?

There must always be time for activity that leads to greatness.

II. “We don’t have the budget for outside expertise.” If this is the case, then you need to add a line to your budget that allocates funds for outside expertise. It is not a slush fund. It is to be allocated to making progress towards a few specific goals.

  • If increased overall revenue is a goal, budget money for getting help to do that.
  • If increasing employee engagement is a goal, allocate funds to get an expert to help.
  • If increasing profitable revenue from certain segments of buyers is a goal, allocate funds for that particular effort.

You get the idea: there should be money in your budget that helps you achieve your specific 12-month goals.

III. “I’ve always believed in doing it myself.”

When I hear this I’m reminded of these well known observations:

  • “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein
  • If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been.” T.D. Jakes

These speakers are not suggesting that what you’ve been doing up to now has been wrong or bad. They do say that when you want to manifest changes and improvements, you have to move beyond what you’ve always thought and what you’ve always done.

What new thinking will you bring in to your company? What new activities will you add, and what old ones will you set aside?

If you’re open to a conversation about how Trivers Consulting Group can help you and your company make progress towards your goals, we would love to hear from you. Call 703-801-0345or email

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