Amazon Did Not Deliver

Companies do odd or hard-to-understand things, but this one is a true puzzle. What do you think?

I ordered 100 copies of my book, Tinker, from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. They confirmed my order and sent a delivery notice when the books were shipped. They promised a delivery date.

But a couple of days before they were due to be delivered, I received notice they would be delayed. Okay, I could deal with that. Then the next day I received notice of a refund! But the tracking number(s) still indicated the books were coming. So I contacted customer service to try to sort this out.

The story is incomprehensible to me!

First, they divided the 100 books into 3 packages, 1, 13 and 86 copies. And each package was sent to a different carrier.
Second, the books made the journey from the fulfillment center on the west coast to a location in South Carolina, and then to the warehouse in Baltimore, MD.
Third, the three different carriers all decided that the weather–rain and fog– was so bad that they could not deliver the books to me in metro DC (Virginia) which is less than 50 miles from Baltimore. This decision was made during a period of mild fall weather.
Fourth, they refunded the cost but still show the packages as on the way.
Fifth, I spent more than one hour with Customer Service trying to understand this situation.
Sixth, the last customer service rep I spoke to agreed with me that the whole story is incomprehensible!

Amazon did not deliver. I don’t want remuneration for my “inconvenience” I want to be sure that this will never happen again.

What do you to do make sure your service is always comprehensible?

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