Amaze Yourself

Isn’t it time to do a few things that make you think, “Wow, that’s amazing”? We have many pressures now: year end is only two months away; seasons are changing; daylight is waning; the holiday frenzy is about to descend.

Try these three ways to amaze yourself. And what’s even better is that they will amaze others as well.

1. Commit to one 3X3X3 starting Nov. 1. The spectacularly simple concept of 3X3X3 is that you set a clear, short-term goal and then devote 3 hours 3 times per week for 3 weeks to achieving that goal.

An example is to increase the frequency of purchases by your Regulars. (See the Go Curve ). Spend some of your 3X3X3 time examining your list of buyers. If you have a good CRM, set some filters and produce lists of buyers who fit inside those filters. If you don’t have a CRM to help, do it by gut feel and by hand. (If you can’t generate a list of Regulars, we should talk.)

Study what they purchase. Ask “What else could they buy if we offered it to them?” Ask “What else would they buy if we offered it to them?” Ask “What steps do we have to take to prompt them to buy once more before Dec. 31, 2018?” Answering these questions thoughtfully will fill some of the 3X3X3.

You will have a list of actions. Identify the right people in your company to take those actions and get to it. What would be the impact if 50% of your Regulars bought once more before the end of the year? Calculate it and make this your goal. You will be amazed at the results!

2. Think inside the box. Why does this have the power to amaze you? Because within the box are your current offerings, your current buyers and your current employees. These are the biggest and most powerful opportunities for growth. (Outside the box is what….some amorphous thing you can’t put your fingers on or touch?)

The percent of employees who do what we call ‘selling’ is small compared to the number who do the work of your business. Too many business owners and executives pour lots of resources into the sales team and neglect to tie the work of other employees to revenue. There are always ties, when you choose to look for them and then articulate them.

The best area for amazement is the customer service group. We think of customer service as something that takes place after the sale, and most often when the buyer has a problem or complaint. I work with owners to see their customer service reps as a powerful force for increasing revenue. They learn to resolve the problem in such a positive way that their recommendation for additional purchases resonates with the buyer. Try this immediately and be amazed at the results!

3. Own your power. As the owner, founder, CEO, president or principal, your origin story begins with a powerful idea. The idea motivated you to establish your business and here you are, a few or many years later. Too many owners I work with have put their origin story on the shelf because of the demands of today. That’s a huge mistake.

Reclaim and re-acknowledge your origin story. What was the moment when you said “this is IT”? The “IT” is the value you believed you could provide via your products and/or services. Bring that “IT” to the forefront. Tell and retell your origin story to yourself, your buyers and your employees. Broadcast your origin story via social media and content marketing.

Write and tell your origin story with flair and drama. That is what attracts others. Don’t get hung up on technical terms or marketing-speak or other false framing.

An owner recently told me a story from his past life. Within it was the nugget of insight that has powered him from the first moment his company was born. Yet he wasn’t sharing it with anyone because he didn’t see the connection between that (very different) past life and the people he talks and works with today. When I pointed out the connection, his expression lit up the room. That’s his power and now he is claiming it and sharing it. He is amazed!

Amaze Yourself Starting Today

How will you amaze yourself starting today? You have 63 days from today, Oct. 29, till the end of the 2018. When you finish 2018 strong and you will also start 2019 strong.

I have worked with so many business owners, founders, principals and executives who don’t even see the opportunities to amaze themselves. When they see them during our work, they are amazed. How about you? Will you let me help you amaze yourself? Give me a call, 703-801-0345.

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