Achieve Major Goals

Achieve Major Goals
Achieve Major Goals

achieve a major goalWhat’s a Major Goal for your company? Is it:

  • Expansion to a new market?
  • Increasing your high value offerings and letting go of low value ones
  • Becoming the “go-to” company for those seeking status and high regard
  • Acquiring a perfect fit company to increase company value?
  • Having enough money and time to start another company?
  • Becoming a philanthropic leader in your community?
  • Appointing another person to fill your shoes as CEO or President
  • Increasing revenue and profit by 15-40% in one year?

With 20+ years experience with low mid market and small businesses guiding us, Trivers Consulting Group is an ideal partner for companies and their owners planning to achieve major goals.

To achieve major goals, you have to create a new company. Doing what you’ve always done will hold you back.

Here are our top recommendations to achieve major goals in 2020

Speed. Your customers and clients are immersed in a modern world that moves quickly. If your industry is moving fast, your company needs to be at the forefront. If your industry doesn’t move fast, you can become a leader by embracing speed. There’s risk being speedy but there’s greater risk if you’re left behind.

Technology. The latest technology can be useful (and make speed possible). It’s important for your mid- size or small company to use technology correctly. Tech can’t create customer intimacy and can’t confer status and cache to buyers who desire it. Use tech where it makes sense and keep the human-to-human touch where it does the most good.

Financial. While a lot of money is easily available today, every mid-size and small business needs to be highly conscious of its cash situation. External events and internal/personal events can derail the highest performing company. Having substantial cash reserves cushions those blows. The judicious use of credit lines also protects you from the unexpected.

Talent. Achieving major goals requires advanced thinking and skills throughout the company. Grooming current employees for more advanced work allows the company to take quick action on new opportunities; creates an incubator-like culture where imaginative ideas are valued and nurtured; and keeps people contributing to the company far longer.

Owner and executive roles. To achieve major goals, over-involved owners need to loosen their grip and transfer authority to executives. The more key decision making is spread among a trusted executive team, the more likely the company will break out of its familiar boundaries and reach those big goals.

Your company will achieve major goals, not by making incremental improvements, but by looking externally and partnering with customers, suppliers, and experts of all sorts. You’ll think and act faster than ever. Who needs to be on your dream team to help you innovate, grow, and build your owner wealth?

Bring Us Your Major Goal

We think of major goals as goals that require 1-2 years to achieve. Ask us to work with you to design a solution.

Scroll below to read a client success story.

The Major Goal for a Law Firm

The two partners wanted to increase the revenue and profit of their law firm by 20-25% in one year. For many attorneys, this can occur with well-executed marketing efforts. They generate repeat business and referrals.

The Problem

These lawyers represent plaintiffs in personal injury cases. The injuries are permanent and may even have caused loss of life. No ordinary marketing efforts are appropriate.

The Solution

The lawyers were beloved by their clients and their clients’ families and caregivers. We started to keep close track of all the people who supported the plaintiff from the time of the original injury to the verdict. These records were carefully maintained and sorted into affinity groups.

We designed an email-based cultivate and nurture campaign. Each month the family, friends and caregivers received a message of appreciation and recognition as well as information that would help them help the plaintiff. Recipients were invited to call the firm with any questions or request for other information. They established a (no cost) two-way communication path. There was NEVER any sales message in these emails.

The Results

Within a few months, the lawyers began receiving more inquiries about their services. When asked, the callers would typically say that they’d gotten the lawyers’ names from someone who was receiving these email messages. The callers had been injured themselves or they knew someone else who’d suffered a personal injury.

The systematic cultivate and nurture campaign generated enough new inquiries that the firm easily exceeded their 25% goal. This was accomplished while adhering to their own values of empathy, honesty and tastefulness. No advertising, no making calls to estate attorneys, no ambulance chasing.

Bring Us Your Major Goal

We think of major goals as goals that require 1-2 years to achieve. Ask us to work with you to design a solution.

Your Investment

Each time you achieve a major goal you’ll generate a significant return on your investment. Our fee is related to the complexity of the problem and the extent of the solution. It ranges between high 4 figures-low 5 figures. We only quote a fee following a complimentary Discovery call.

What major goals should you start working towards today? Give us a call to book your Discovery call. 703-801-0345.