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Susan helped us move the needle on our revenue growth primarily by showing us our patterns and then helping us break them. I realized from this work that it’s true, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. Susan broke our patterns and we’re seeing great results.

Nicholas A. Ph.D., COO

Susan’s book Tinker has so many reminders that companies can create true growth more easily than they typically think. For my company, a big ‘a-ha’ moment is this true growth tip on page 7: True growth is when a company keeps its products and services limited enough so it can do amazing things with what it has, like innovations and improvements and extraordinary customer service.”

Brian B., Production Manager
“Thanks again for having me at VISION 2019. It was nice to take a break from my regular routine to stop and think about where our business is headed.

I had a presentation for my Leadshare group and have to thank you for the breakthrough realization that came to me. When I stopped thinking about the outside competitors and started thinking about what makes us unique I realized something. It is that our tax partners learn new strategies at an exponentially higher rate than individual preparers because they don’t spend any time on preparation, only strategy and review. Their knowledge is always growing faster! I now have the, “what makes us special” in my business development efforts.”

Chris Roth


“I was fortunate to be a guest at Susan’s VISION 2019 Conversation and Breakfast. I enjoyed the fresh and disruptive notions of not focusing on competition and also thinking “INSIDE the box” – as she said, conventional wisdom is conventional but not always wise!”

Sandra P. Weiss
Principal – Tenant Representation
SUMMIT Commercial Real Estate
“Susan Trivers’ program on Vision 2019 provided a frame of reference for me to explore and define further how I can promote and expand my business. Specifically, her concepts of “think INSIDE the box” and “nobody does what I do” were enlightening, and gave me an actionable perspective on clarifying my value.”

Laura Purcell Verdun, M.A., CCC/SLP
Voicetrainer, LLC
“I attended Susan’s Vision 2019 Conversation and Breakfast and really enjoyed the discussion. Susan did a great job of covering a number of important topics in a short period of time and engaging the entire group. I left the breakfast with a number of takeaways.”

Drew Coleman, CFA
VP/ Commercial Lending
John Marshall Bank
“Susan’s VISION 2019 Conversation reminded me that my formula for success is to be myself and offer solutions to my clients. Be consistent and own my power.”

Steven F. Collins
Wealth Management Advisor
Lara, May & Associates, LLC
“Susan’s VISION 2019 presentation offers a unique and effective perspective on developing and accomplishing business goals, strategies, tactics, and processes. I found it valuable for several key areas of my own business.”

Dustin Siggins
Proven Media Solutions


“We talked about a variety of topics related to growing my company. Susan offered a creative idea for true growth for every topic: what Avision does; how to speak about our work to others; telling meaningful stories; articulating the value to clients and customers; and others. I am amazed by the fount of creative ideas from Susan Trivers.”

Donnell E. Johns, Sr.
I was nervous about the fee. I always want to get my money’s worth and the fee was motivation to follow up and take action! I learned a lot and have accomplished a lot. I liked that we used some of my current clients and opportunities as the foundation for our work. We applied Susan’s concepts to actual opportunities and I could see immediate results.

I was never good at affirmative marketing, tending to rely on my website and referrals. Now I am doing much better with affirmative and have a well-curated list of clients and enthusiastic fans. I’ve calendared my marketing efforts and tasks for the nest 12 months using Susan’s Cultivate & Nurture plan. I set target dates and implementation dates. I am confident that I will implement.

Susan shifted my thinking on value based fees. I am getting stronger understanding the concept and implementing it. The prospect of value based fees is motivating me to generate enough client work that I no longer have to be a subcontractor to others and accept low fees.

My primary takeaway from Susan when talking with clients and prospects is: have an outcomes conversation before a money conversation!!!”

Ellen F. Kandell, Esq.
I started JEDForecasts to help government contractors grow by improving their pricing, budgeting, and forecasting methods and analysis.

Susan helped me transform my messaging and branding from focusing on the things I can do to compelling descriptions of the outcomes that are important to my customers. Now when I tell people that JEDForecasts helps government subcontractors make the leap to prime contracts it resonates with business owners in a way I would not have found without Susan’s help.

That message and the business development structure that Susan provided gave me confidence as I engaged with the business community. The marketing tools, i.e. weekly newsletter, will be relied on heavily in the upcoming months to grow and cultivate my business.

JEDForecasts would not be where it is today without Susan’s expert and positive advice and guidance. She pulls us forward steadily and with enthusiasm.”

Jed D. Kreitman
As a business owner, it is imperative to set aside blocks of time to execute important projects, and Susan’s focus strategies are jewels of wisdom for anyone managing multiple projects.”

Jessica Childress
Managing Attorney,
The Childress Firm PLLC
CEO, Juris Prudence LLC
I thought about the many things that you recommended and I have taken it all to heart. You helped me rethink some of the ideas I had and to look at them from a different perspective. Case in point the firm name change. The overall direction I am going in marketing is: simple, direct, easy to remember > Cheri Bennett > Corporate Business > CB Law > cblawdc.com. The whole concept has seemed to come together with a cohesiveness that was lacking (and which I realize I was moving further away from before we spoke). The overall marketing concept is: I take something complicated and make it simple. That goes with the idea of bringing big law firm experience, expertise and services to the small company market.

I heartily and without reservation recommend your services to future clients and contacts. I feel honored to have had your time and ideas. At this crucial relaunch stage, it has been invaluable. Thanks again!”

Cheri Bennett
Susan’s program on goal focus gave me a innovative approach for achieving my personal and company objectives, and most important, the ability to not worry if they don’t work out.”

Andrew (Andy) Rudin
Managing Principal,
Contrary Domino
I have to be honest, I was skeptical about scheduling time to focus on my goal to “follow up with my clients”. After taking inventory of how much time I wasted conducting tasks that led no where, I made the decision to go all in and try. The time I took to focus allowed me to think about how I could build a meaningful relationship with my clients, instead of a transactional relationship.”

Coach Donnell E. Johns Sr.
Susan Trivers’ techniques for focus help me set intentional time blocks for ideation, planning, and strategizing our business development actions so that I approach the business more as a CEO and less as a technician. I attend her special breakfast sessions and am two for two with making connections I’ve trusted immediately because of their relationships with Susan and subsequently doing business with them.”

Sylvia Henderson
Thank you, Susan, for an amazing interview for my program The Nuts and Bolts Boot Camp™ on Revenue and Profit! You have a wealth of knowledge on how to grow a business and you share your wisdom and insights with grace. With your engaging style, you have successfully integrated “what” the business owner needs to do with “who” they must become in their thinking in order to have a successful business. Your interview is packed with solid information that’s easy to understand and use. It was a pleasure to interview you, Susan, and I know all business owners will benefit from your expertise.”

Dianne Dawson, M.A.
Business Coach and Creator of Money Metrics™
Both talks went very well. One person told me it was the best talk he has heard at the McLean Estate Planning Council. Both venues want me to come back and talk again. I don’t think the talks could have gone much better. Thanks for you sage advice.”

Daniel G. Gilliland, CPA
Susan Trivers is gifted in dealing with her clients and inspires creative approaches with her calm yet passionate desire to see others succeed. I am grateful to have benefitted from her knowledge, skill, and ability, and encourage anyone seeking to improve their business to consider Susan.”

Keith Wallace
Principal Owner
Vallas Consulting Group, LLC
Susan Trivers is a genius. She suggested one simple fix to my business strategy that, in less than 24 hours, completely transformed my income stream. If you’d like to boost your bottom line, give Susan a call.”

Diane MacEachern
Founder & CEO
Big Green Purse
I recently increased my revenue 40% by implementing Susan’s revenue growth strategies.”

Marsha Lindquist
Susan helped me maximize the advantages provided by video: letting people see and hear me, the person they’re going to entrust with their lab dollars and reputation. I could never have created 13 terrific videos without Susan’s help from content to recording studio to publication of our own YouTube Channel.”

Kathy Murphy, PhD
Susan Trivers helped our management and proposal teams design the perfect CBAIA proposal process. We are reducing waste, improving quality and increasing our capacity to respond to more RFPs.”

Carl Lawson, Jr.
I’d describe Susan as someone who helps businesses gain traction. So many businesses spin their wheels and don’t know how to get out of a rut. Susan helps you gain traction and gets you back on track, or in many cases, helps you find the right road to go down to achieve your goals.”

Christine Clapp
Thank you again for always pushing me to think about exceptional offerings that create dramatic value for the clients at an equitable fee commensurate with that value.”

Marsha Lindquist
Susan helped us increase utilization of our excess capacity. Within one month of launching a new line of business, we reached 33% of our goal.”

Carl Lawson, Jr.
By keeping me focused on the outcomes I achieve for clients, Susan reminds me of my value to clients and gives me the confidence to charge what I’m worth.”

Christine Clapp
Your refresher on the critical importance of offering high value to my buyers helped me get out of the commodity mindset around deliverables.”

Marsha Lindquist