Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values
Trivers Consulting
Mission, Vision and Values

Trivers Consulting Group Mission, Vision and Values

Our Values enable us to achieve our Mission and our Vision
We welcome your thoughts about these new values.


What values are needed in 2021?

We’ve been known for our honesty, integrity and high value since our founding.

New values are called for in 2021 and we are answering the call.

Generosity: We give away our ideas and resources freely to those who ask. Why?  Because generosity builds trust. We get to know professional and services company owners and they get to know us. This builds the foundation for successful collaboration.

Speed: People are overloaded with obligations. We commit to same-day or first thing next day responses to every call, email or text.

Clarity:  We and the client agree upon the goal, current situation and obstacles in the path to achieving the goal. We do not offer any predetermined, off-the-shelf services.

Respect: We respect and appreciate that privately owned services companies are the sources of all creative solutions. They serve their clients and customers with flexibility, agility, and value. We commit to long-term relationships during which we help them achieve their growth goals.

To help owner-led companies capitalize on their current assets — current buyers, current offerings and current employees– for maximum revenue and profit.

Every business owner understands that the key to generating fortunes is not by believing that time is money but rather believing that money represents value delivered.

If these Values ring true for you, why not take a look at our page What Makes a Great Trivers Consulting Group client? We welcome all inquiries. 703-801-0345


Principles for Capitalizing on Current Assets

Adopt these essential operating tactics to increase earnings and company value:

  • Focus intensively on current buyers and current offerings.
  • Perfect the alignment of offerings with buyers.
  • Increase value and earn revenue commensurate with that value.
  • Invest 70% of your marketing efforts on current buyers; 30% on attracting new buyers. Keep track and measure this. Don’t guess.
  • Cultivate and nurture current buyers with a 12-month plan.
  • See every employee in every role as a contributor to revenue and profit. Ask how you can ensure they contribute, do not assume due to their job title that they can’t.
  • Never confuse busyness with achieving outcomes.
  • Learn to say “no” without hesitation. And mean it. And repeat as necessary.

Check out our many growth strategies and resources for tips to capitalize on your current assets.

The more you capitalize on your current assets, the more opportunities you will have to continue doing that. Today’s foundation will not be your foundation a month or a year from now. Keep building.