Meet Susan

Meet Susan 2021
Meet Susan
Susan G. Trivers, MBA, Pricing Expert

Is Pricing Causing Your Company to Make Less Money and Profit?

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As a Business Owner do you ever experience:

  • Losing money even as revenue increases?
  • Price shopping, and that your firm too often loses?
  • Falling short on revenue because clients cancel appointments?
  • Falling short on revenue because the firm did not bill all available hours?
  • Spending so much time getting client work that you have to work overtime to do the work?
  • Working too hard for the profit the company is making?

What if, instead, your business performed like this:

  • Your profit does not depend on the amount of time you or your staff works.
  • Clients pay for value delivered and you have many flexible options for them over the long term.
  • You control your profits by creating great clients who are value-seeking over the long term.
  • Your clients introduce you to peers who are equally value-seeking.

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A little about me

How could I get out of serious debt and create a powerful “second chance?” This was my question after I spent ten years struggling with time-based billing. I faced significant debt due to huge Accounts Receivables balances. I never had control over my revenue or workload because I was doing my own pricing all wrong.I spent one year going deep into every aspect of value based pricing until…I cracked the pricing code.I discovered that pricing is not an isolated decision. A firm’s method of pricing affects every single other aspect of the company.

When done well, the firm thrives.

When done badly, the whole firm struggles.

I designed Crack the Pricing Code™. It’s a modern value based pricing method that works for EVERY services firm.

Over the last dozen years, we’ve helped firm owners achieve greater profitability. They increase the innovations and improvements they deliver to their clients. The firm’s owner and associates work less and make more.

In short, we’ve delivered life-changing value to Trivers Consulting Group clients.

Experience what value based pricing can do for your business and personal life. Select a date and time for a complimentary Starter Call. Or, if you prefer a more personalized approach to appointment-setting, call or text 703-801-0345 to schedule a Starter Call.