Are You Stuck? How to End Busyness and Get Unstuck

Being stuck is not a state of motionless. In fact, it’s the opposite. A person who is stuck is in constant motion. They are running from plowing through a pile of emails, to meetings for questionable purposes, to returning old phone calls, to providing something a customer or client has been waiting for.

Being stuck is a mental state. Saying, and repeating, “I cannot get ahead because I have all this to do” is the epitome of being stuck.

Do You Use These Statements to Describe Your Life?

“I’ve got to catch up first.”
“I have to get through my piles.”
“My schedule is packed, where will I find the time?”
“I have so much on my plate.”
“I’ll get to that email/call/request soon…”
“I’ll get back to you after I …”
“I have to get myself organized before I can do that.”

If you find yourself saying these things every day, and several times a day, you are stuck. All of us have moments of excess busyness, but when it persists for more than a couple of days, or is the normal tempo of your life, you are stuck.

How to Get Unstuck Starting Today

A. Throw away your To-Do List. To-Do lists are the kiss of death for getting unstuck. There are three huge reasons To-Do Lists keep you stuck:

  1. The items are undifferentiated; every item seems to have the same (little) value.
  2. There’s no schedule, so the message your list gives you is “Just get it done when you can.”
  3. There’s no measure of accomplishment. Crossing an item off, while adding a few more, is punishing, not rewarding.

B. Begin, starting today, booking your work and activities into your calendar as appointments. This is the most effective tool for getting unstuck. It replaces the endless and demoralizing To-Do List. When you have to make client calls, follow up on leads, write a new proposal or recommendation for a client, attend an event for networking purposes or meet with your CPA, write these down in specific slots on your calendar. Consider these appointments as sacred and important as appointments with your very best clients or customers. You are your most important client or customer.

C1. Write down powerful outcomes to achieve within a specific time frame. I practice, and urge my clients to practice, sequencing outcomes. Write down one outcome to achieve three weeks from now. Then another, then another. Very often these outcomes are pieces of a larger outcome and that is what makes them powerful: they are specific, measurable and achievable by a date you can see.

Want to ensure your success? Pick a couple of outcomes that will quickly increase revenue and strengthen customer relationships. Nothing is more motivating than seeing those dollars add up. One of the most popular outcomes among my clients is Maximizing Top Line Revenue using the GO Curve Approach. Feel free to ask me how that works.

C2. Set aside periods of time on your calendar for working towards that outcome. I recommend 3 hours, 3 times per week, for 3 weeks (“3X3X3”). That’s 9 hours per week. Which gives you 31 hours in the week to do your ‘regular’ work or activities. Doing this will force you to say “no” to a lot of the demands that make you feel stuck: useless emails and calls; wasteful meetings and appointments; the pile of stuff that creates a backlog, and which can be dispensed with by a quick trip to the ‘circular file.’

The smart business owners who get support from me for their dramatic revenue growth efforts love the process of sequencing outcomes with “3X3X3” into bites just the right size for achieving quickly.

Are you a smart business owner looking to develop creative ideas into true growth? Then let’s have a conversation: 703-790-1424.

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