25 Pricing Tips

25 Pricing Tips
Are You Getting Paid for Your Worth or Your Time?

What makes the difference between financial steadiness and the uncertainty of the money roller coaster?

What you get paid for and how you get paid.

When your professional or business services firm gets paid for the IMPACT you deliver to clients, the sky is the limit. Your revenue and profit can be as big as your imagination, innovation, and creativity lead it to be.

When you get paid for your time, your finances are constrained by the amount of available time that is SOLD.

Clients will balk at time-based fees above a certain point. Not all hours in a week will be sold for a fee. And what isn’t sold is gone forever.

Read our two downloadable guides 25 Pricing Tips for Knowledge Services Firms and How to Find Your Fee-to-Value Ratio. You’ll get the pricing practices and techniques we use, and have shared with client firms for the past dozen years.

How IMPACT Based Pricing Succeeds

IMPACT Based Pricing succeeds when you introduce it within your firm and to your clients thoughtfully over time.

Why not be like one CPA who first rolled out IMPACT Based Pricing with their top 23 clients? He then gradually expanded to all clients. He has said countless times “Susan Trivers’ approach to IMPACT Based Pricing is life-changing. And you can’t really understand the profound impact until you do it.”

The e-book is complimentary, just click How to Get Paid for Your Worth 25 Pricing Tips to download it. Click here for How to Find Your Fee-to-Value Ratio.

As with all ideas that challenge the status quo–it takes time to adjust and it won’t make a difference until you actually implement it.

If you’re making progress with your time-based model, you won’t find IMPACT Based Pricing compelling, When you feel your progress is halted or too slow, then Value Based Pricing looks really attractive.

At that point, you can start doing it yourself, or you can call for a complimentary conversation about the options for getting help from Trivers Consulting Group.